title:Environmental Inspection
material:vibration speakers, audio amplifiers, mp3 players, fluorescent tubes
view:installation at kiyosumi-shirakawa area, Tokyo
collage:Akira MORI
photo:Haruyuki SHIRAI


Some Thoughts about Environmental Inspection 
The title of this work is Environmental Inspection. This makes reference to the procedure of preliminarily inspecting a property when searching for a new domicile through an estate agent, and the opportunity this affords to change one's viewpoint. When inspecting a room, one is there as a visitor, but also as an observer to detect a lived-in feeling.
 In the venue of this exhibition, while there were signs that it had once operated as a printing shop, one could also ascertain that a long time had passed from observing the old calendar left in the room. While the daily workings of people had disappeared, it was possible to perceive a sensation of the space being exposed to the outside. That is to say, there was a state of conflict between interior and exterior.
  In this exhibition, I used the word “environment” to refer to signs that the room had once been occupied and the physical sensations that visitors experienced, as well as the bounds at which a sense of conflict could be felt. In so doing, I decided to intervene in the space through the use of sound as a means to explore the environment of the space, and perceptions of what it constitutes. Sounds related to and suggestive of the room reverberated from the perceived boundary between inside and outside. I conceived the title after considering the visitors who would encounter the respective sounds that irregularly appeared and came to merge in the space. 
  The room’s environment and surrounding neighborhood share a kinship. If we think of the relationship between people and the places they reside in similar terms, then as a person becomes a room’s resident over time, things in the environment will come to be converted into the neighborhood.